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November 28, 2012
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Drowning in Blood and Tears by Bosslogix Drowning in Blood and Tears by Bosslogix
Drowning in Blood and Tears // Syria Hold On

I just seen your son die, from what the world has become, a child sleeps forever, tell me what have you done, I see a father aged a hundred years as he buried his son, where did all go wrong, why is it blood that we taste, why is there no such home in this forsaken place.

Yeah I know youíre scared, yeah I know youíre alone

Yeah I know this is no longer the place you once called home

Yeah I know your love is now corrupted and blinded by hate

You question everything, even your own faith, because a man behind curtain determines your fate, living in a world where we can never elevate.

We are all bleeding out with no wounds intact, with no life to pursue, hearts bleed because they are shattered in few, you ask what is one to do, you canít take it anymore, saying things like, whatís it all for and why should I stay, they took my son away, my daughter no longer speaks, my wifeís mind has put up a white flag in retreat, silence in the night, woken up by bombs in the light, why canít we end this war, itís an unfair fight I wish I had a time machine to take me home tonight.

Death to wars, not to humanity


Yesterday i received news that my cousin overseas was shot down, thats the reason for all my angry posts last night. I hate the fact that this war continues on back home and i also hate the fact that one single person cant do anything about it, just sit and wonder who or what is next.

His life was cut real short and all i can do is post and do an illustration out of anger about it.

This world is killing itself but what hurts the most is the fact that it will never heal and the word peace seems to be more fiction.

All i can say is stay true to your family and loved ones, they are the only thing that will never change.

Here is to Peace

PHOTO Resource

All photos are of real life events that have been taken place in Syria, these are the real tears of the women and children
and the the real body of a lifeless child.

all other elements are from
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Kode, man I tell you. You always seem to amaze me Bro, sorry for your lost but keep up the great work! Bros 4 life
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amazing boss,really nice....
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Im so sorry kode
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i wish u the best,be strong champ
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fantastic work, it conveys the pain of a people.

I'm sorry for your loss
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Amazing artwork and very real.
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Beautiful work. I love it :clap:
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