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January 10, 2010
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The Day You Left by Bosslogix The Day You Left by Bosslogix
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Confessions of a masked man
// The day you left //

Left alone in a home with no you, everything I see hurts so I can’t pursue all of the things I loved and used to do, a hole in the heart is what you made started on the day you were taken away, seems like I talk to the sky a lot these days even though it doesn’t have much to say, but it’s the closest thing to you though it’s so far away, i call out for you hoping the echoes don’t part ways so it can reach the distance of time but all i hear is the voice that is mine, so i call out once more saying one of your lines so the echo sounds like you no number can count the amount i miss you.

So i sit back and reminisce about back in the days, you would take us out to play all night and day, I remember that videogame you gave me, we didn’t have the money, but you got it anyway forgetting the fact you worked all day for something i forgot the next day and threw away, tear drops from my eye wish you could stay i don’t think i want to remember this day because i miss you more and more, my heart aches and i can’t ignore, the fact you faded out of this life and you closed the door and melted the key, placed a brick wall in front of me.

You went away, wish it didn’t have to be this way, now that you’re gone all things that felt right just seem wrong, even though time has passed, the pain holds on to the heart with its endless grasp, forced to break down with my eyes raining, when I am reminded of the little things, like when the floor creaks in the hallway, hearing you say it’s not time to play then creep to our room to see if we listen to the things you say, now there is nobody checking up no more, no more creeping in the hallway floors, it hurts so much that i did not thank you at all, if i can trade my life for yours, for one second i would not stall.

I will remember you forever and miss you forevermore

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theheek Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
nice job
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I love 'Imagination' pics, I mean who would think of that? And the cherry on the ironic top is the rain and umbrella ella ella X
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Amazing work!
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keep it up
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